Jr. Mathletes is a competition open to elementary school students. The competition is divided into two divisions. Grades K-2 will be in the Mini Mathlete Division, while grades 3-5 will be in the Jr. Mathlete Division. The unique aspect of this competition is that we encourage students to think through each problem carefully, focusing on comprehension rather than accuracy. 


Our Mission

The mission of Jr. Mathletes is to encourage students to enjoy math and the fun problems that come along with it. That being said, this competition focuses more on comprehension and enjoyment rather than accuracy. Sometimes problems might take a few days to solve, and we encourage students to think about the questions and be unafraid to make mistakes. It is our hope that by attempting fun math questions alongside friends and peers, students will gain a greater appreciation for learning and have fun along with it as well!

Frequently asked questions

Any student in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade is eligible to participate in Jr. Mathlete competitions.  Kindergarten to Second Grade will be in the Mini Mathlete Division, while Third through Fifth Grades will be in the Jr. Mathletes Divison. 

You will have the opportunity to be featured on our leaderboard for your acheivement!

No, calculators are not allowed in the competition.

Simply create an account located in the register tab. After this, you will be able to see a compete and practice tab where you can access practice problems and compete in the competitions!

Any further questions can be emailed to info@jrmathletes.com.