Competition: Math Kangaroo

Looking for a logic-based math competition for all grade school students? Look no further! Math Kangaroo is a math competition for elementary school through high school where students compete in a single logic-based competition at a local chapter. By doing well, students have the opportunity to be recognized at a local award ceremony as well!

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1st February Competition

The first February Math Competition was a smooth process, and we had many people take part. The questions were generally on the easier side, but there were some tricky problems as well. In the Mini Mathlete competition, one of the most missed questions asked how many cubes there were in a specific image. The answer to that question is 9 cubes. In the Jr. Mathlete division, one of the most missed questions was the last question, where the problem asked how many games must be played in a soccer tournament with 16 teams. The answer to that question was 15 games. 

Overall, everyone did an amazing job! However, the next competition this month will be considerably harder, so it is important to try your best and do not be afraid to ask for help! Comprehension matters more than accuracy. 

The questions from the first Feb. Competition can be found below: